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North Shore Chamber Arts Ensemble

orchestra near Chicago
A B O U T   U S

E V E N T S​

The only professional chamber orchestra in residence on Chicago's North Shore, performing in the acoustically splendid sanctuary of the North Shore United Methodist Church in Glencoe... Read more


2022 To be determined

Ways to support the ensemble. - CrowdRise Fund Raiser

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A U D I E N C E   R E S P O N S E S

"I go to as many of their concerts as I’m able to. Every time they’re amazing to me. Just very emotional. This says many good things about the ensemble that the consistency of talent has been there. I really enjoyed it. Every concert seems to build on itself.” --D.L.


“It’s amazing to have quality music in a small venue. It’s almost like your own personal party ...makes it special. The fact is that we have musicians and conductors, and the church is willing to host programs like this and make this a kind of celebration of music that is available on the North Shore at a very competitive price, is nice.” --T.F.


“I always find it amazing to watch an orchestra work together. The timing, it’s a lot like sports. There’s timing and team play.” --T.F.


"I've never experienced anything like this...I was deeply moved." --K.R.

"I think this is the best solo singing that I've heard of the Messiah in recent years in Chicago." --E.K.

"That you could get that choral sound with just 12 singers is amazing." --J.B

"The ensemble is really great to play with, and it was just a really fantastic experience to play with a small group. It’s very chamber-like, so there’s a lot of communication between musicians. In chamber music, it’s that communication that you have with each other that’s unspoken,  I really love that about music. Being able to communicate to each other without words." -J.S.


“About music in general, there’s just something about it that’s beyond us. Music does so many amazing things for our souls, and it’s such a unifying medium. It expresses something that’s beyond us. That’s so human, but it’s beyond us too, and I think that’s something that just keeps me coming back to it.” --J.S.

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